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25 – 29 August 2012
Foz do Iguaçu/PR

Invited Lectures

Each parallel session will have an invited lecture (30 min. including Q&A) and 4 short presentations (15 min. including Q&A) selected by the scientific committee and chairs of the parallel sessions from the abstracts submitted by registration in the 4th ICGC.


Coordinator: Prof. Vitor Ferreira, UFF, Brazil

Session Chair Invited Lecturer
Nanomaterials Edson Roberto Leite, UFSCar, Brazil Nicholas Kotov,
University of Michigan, USA
Conversion of biomass
in feedstock
Claudio A. Mota, UFRJ, Brazil Harry Bitter,
University of Utrecht, Netherlands
Homogeneous catalysis Francisco A. Marques, UFPR, Brazil José Cavaleiro,
Aveiro University, Portugal
Heterogeneous catalysis Dilson Cardoso, DEQ-UFSCar, Brazil Jiri Cejka, J. Heyrovsky,
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Biocatalysis and
David Gonzales, Udelar, Uruguay Sonia Rodriguez,
University of the Republic, Uruguay
Organocatalysis Marcio Paixão, UFSCar, Brazil Paolo Melchiorre,
Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, Spain
Microwave, ultrasound
and flow chemistry technology
Rodrigo Souza, UFRJ, Brazil Oliver Kappe,
University of Graz, Austria
Green chemistry
education I
Vânia Zuin, UFSCar, Brazil Mary Kirchhoff,
Director, Education Division American Chemical Society, USA
Green chemistry
education II
Liliana Mammino, University of Venda, South Africa
Paola Corio, USP, Brazil
Franz Rauch,
Alpen-Adria University, Austria
Green solvents Carlos Andrade, UNB, Brazil Phillip Jessop,
Queen´s University, Canada
Green industrial
processes I
Mariana Rubim Accioli Doria, Magnus, Brazil
Takashi Ushikubo, JACI, Japan
Takashi Ushikubo,
Japan Association for Chemical Innovation, Japan
Green industrial
processes II
Fernanda Cordeiro, Petrobras, Brazil Henrique Eisi Toma,
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Separations and analysis Jailson Andrade, UFBa, Brazil Pedro Afonso P. Pereira,
Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
Biofuels Donato Aranda, UFRJ, Brazil Fabio Ribeiro,
Purdue University, USA
Policy (Waste, environment
and economy)
Fernando Assunção, PUC-RJ, Brazil Clayton Campanhola, The Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development, the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade